Friday, March 14, 2008

The Oddball Blanket is at Cottage Yarn!

Our 1st Oddball Blanket is very near completion. Shandeh laid the blanket out on a queen size bed, and realized that we need about 12 more inches to make it full-size.

Since the blanket is so large, it's just too expensive to mail to another knitter. So, she has taken the blanket to her favorite local yarn shop, Cottage Yarn, in Mint Hill, North Carolina. There, visitors can see the blanket, read the journal, and knit a few rows. They can even write a few words in the journal!

So, if you happen to be in North Carolina, go by Cottage Yarn to see our beautiful blanket, before it is given to charity!

Blanket #1 at Cottage Yarn Blanket #1 at Cottage Yarn 4 Blanket #1 at Cottage Yarn 3

(Pardon the quality of these photos - they were taken with my little Sony Clie PDA.)