Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oddball Charity Blanket Knit Along

Oddball Charity Blanket KAL KH Button
I've been a member of the Knitting Help Forum for the past year, and I've made LOTS of great friends. I just LOVE that place!!!

You should check it out sometime. (click FORUM to see our group of friendly knitters)

Anyway, I had an idea one day that it would be lots of fun to work on a big blanket together for charity. So, I typed a post in the forum about my idea, and it took off. Lots of knitters agreed to take part in the project. Now, we have 25 knitters signed up to knit. Each of us will knit some rows on the blanket, then pass it on to the next knitter on the list.

The blanket will travel through several states, including North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Michigan, Washington, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Montana, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, and finally back to North Carolina.
US Map

The coolest part is that we will all be able to see each other's knitting, and work together on something important to us. Even if we can't ever meet in person, we are doing something together and bonding. I'm so excited!

We will each be knitting about 3 inches on rows that are 300 stitches long, using a washable worsted weight yarn. At the end, the blanket should measure about 60 inches by 80 inches, after a border has been added.

To make things more fun, we'll be writing about ourselves and our involvement in the project in a small notebook which will be traveling with the blanket. We'll also be adding some photos if we want. (Some of the photos will be posted in this blog.) I think it would also be nice if we put a sticker representing each of our states in the notebook as well.

We haven't chosen a definite charity yet, but we have plenty of time to decide. Right now, we are considering the Salvation Army Homeless Shelters, Warm the World, or a battered women's shelter.

I have finished knitting the first portion of the blanket, and written a message in the notebook. Now it's ready to go to the next person on the list!
(Oddball Blanket) First Knitter - Shandeh

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letah75 said...

I added a button on my blog (not that anyone will ever see it), but I am soooo excited about this.

Thank you for thinking it up!!!!