Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Blanket Connects Sisters Across the US!

I've just GOT to make a post about this, because it is SO COOL.

Zip is our current knitter in California, and she is MY SISTER!
I live in North Carolina, so we are on opposite ends of the nation.

Isn't it cool that our blanket has travelled all the way across the continent, and will have knitting from both of us sisters?

I think it's AMAZING!
Ginger and Sandy Knitting


Ginger said...

Our fingers are in identical positions! Yet I learned a thousand years ago from a teacher and you're self-taught. Either I'm as stubborn as I'm reputed to be, or you're a genius...

Or we're sisters. :lol:

unkoine said...

Well, I taught myself using videos I found online and the "Knitting Made Easy" CD I got at Hobby Lobby. I also used the "The Art of Knitting" CDs as well. So, it was kinda like I was looking over someone's shoulder, learning from experts.

So, I'm only as smart as the videos make me. lol